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Our Designers

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Ronen Kadushin

Ronen Kadushin (b. 1964) is an Israeli designer, design educator and creativity expert, living in Berlin. As a pioneer of Open Design , Kadushin focuses his creative work to explore designs that are downloaded, copied, modified and produced, much like in Open Source Software. This exploration resulted in a wide range of products, furniture and experimental objects, bearing his signature style of expressive, clever and simple design. FIT furniture is the latest realization of this ongoing creative journey.

The Fit Furniture : Intuitive And Fast

FIT furniture are designed and produced with you, the customer, in mind, so we made everything easy: Within 4 weeks from ordering a piece, it will arrive at your home, flat packed. You will find out that assembling the piece is simple, intuitive and fast, with no tools needed. And if you have to move to a new place, a FIT furniture is easily disassembled and reassembled.


Laurence Hamelin & Stéphanie Gilles

Laurence & Stéphanie met as students at the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris, France. They have since settled in Normandy, where they currently channel their respective passion for design into a fruitful collaboration creating eco-designed furniture for young and older kids.

MAKÉMAKÉ : A Sustainable And Poetical Collection

makémaké is a dwarf planet discovered in 2005. Its name derives from Makemake, God of creation in the mythology of the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island. It also is a poetical collection, offering eco-designed and playful furniture! Our playful furniture combines functionality and the fun of a construction set.


Jake Yoshida

Jake Yoshida aka The Wuddha resides in Denver (USA) where he practices the art of combining precision with wabi sabi to design and create simple, elegant pieces of modernly aesthetic furniture for urban lifestyles.

The Wuddha : Stylish Modern Furnishings

Precision+Wabi Sabi means a robotic cut fit with a hand made touch. The Wuddha‘s Mid–Century-Modern aesthetic furniture pieces are cut by a CNC machine for a superior fit and finished by a Denver Craftsman for imperfection, so each piece is slightly different.



CeeCee, younger sister of luxObot is our expert Industry 4.0 Avatar. Her multitasking and infectiously Yes We Can attitude helps us delight almost every New Edge customer. Aside from transformative design, she is a master at personalization.

CeeCee : Always Deliver Better Value

CCS is the perfect partner to help you create unique yet affordable shelving and storage systems. We bring your designs to life using the highest quality of wood veneers and finishes, before shipping them flat-back right to your doorstep. Our team of wood connoisseurs have decades of experience crafting custom-made products
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